A Shetland Summer

  “This is yourrr Captain speaking. We’re about to descend into Sumburgh. But dinnae panic if I ascend again. I mey need to circle severrral times depending on grrround conditions.” Get a seat on the left, Alison had advised. The view flying into Shetland is lovely. Window seat 14A, second to last row, behind a wing I cannot see and hope has not fallen off.  Isn’t … Continue reading A Shetland Summer

Welcome to my Humble Home

Elizabeth Bennett is one of literature’s sacred cows, ardent admiration, greatest regard, highest esteem the only acceptable reactions to her feisty disposition and steadfast adherence to superior principle. But I have always been slightly suspicious of Miss Bennett, in particular her sudden appreciation for Mr. Darcy, blossoming as it did just after she spied the magnificence of Pemberley… gold–gilt digger (written in a whisper). Lizzie! Lizzie! Forgive … Continue reading Welcome to my Humble Home

50 Shades of Grey

Photographs courtesy of Lauren Webber. January’s sun appeared as if through a wax papered sky, testing my faith in its existence. Graphite, oyster, lead, pewter, marble, battleship, iron, slate – let me count the cloud coloured ways. The promised 43 days of snow dumbed down to 43 days of cold rain.  Columnists for The Times/Guardian/Independent  filed articles in the weekend magazines titled “I hate January”/ “Ten ways to survive January”/ “January … Continue reading 50 Shades of Grey